Peter Principle

I have been fortunate in my career to progress to a higher position. My skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities have been critical for attaining a somewhat senior role in my current company.

Unlike my earlier roles, my current position requires me to focus more on the people and commercial viability than the technical aspects of implementing and supporting software. I had aspirations of becoming a senior manager, which I have achieved. However, I sometimes question my capacity to do this role and wonder if the Peter Principle might apply to me from time to time.

The Peter Principle is an observation that competent employees will continue to be promoted, but at some point, they will be promoted into positions for which they are incompetent. Though I have doubts, I don't think I am incompetent, and I am proud of my career achievements over the years. But, I think I have reached a pinnacle, and it is time to reassess the next step.

Spending the last thirty years climbing a career ladder has served me well, but I now think I may have reached a final resting place for my career. The skills and experience I have gained should stand me in good stead through to the end of my working days.
I think there should be another principle that indicates when you've been promoted into a role that's just not your bag. It's not a matter of just incompetence but also the enjoyment of the role in my view.
2022-01-31 15:13:47