There's no room for nostalgia

The family car was generally a Holden or a Ford when I was growing up. Sure, there were many other brands and models, but the market was dominated by the locally manufactured Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons. These were large sedans and station wagons were made Aussie tough for Aussie families.

Both cars have fallen out of favour as the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) has become more popular. Initially developed by combining the elements of a road-going passenger car with features from off-road vehicles, the SUV has become the chariot of choice. It now dominates 60% of the one million vehicles sold in Australia each year.

I have been a reluctant fan of the SUV, preferring to drive a sports car instead. However, my wife has now had a succession of SUV's, and she loves them. They always have plenty of room, and she enjoys the high riding position for the driver.

The success of the SUV in Australia is primarily due to its versatility as a family car, whether it be for shopping, taking the kids to sports or holidays. A lot like the versatility offered by the Holden or Ford sedans and wagons when I was growing up.

Today, you can no longer buy a Holden Commodore or a Ford Falcon. Instead, they have been replaced by SUVs manufactured overseas. I may lament the demise of the old sedans and wagons, but there is no doubt the new SUV options are great value for money, they are more fuel-efficient, and they make great family cars. There's no room for nostalgia when it comes to convenience.

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