I don't see a decline

I recently read how the new sales of the Mazda MX-5 in Australia have declined 33.4 per cent. This is not that surprising a trend for any sports car, with a drop-off of sales often occurring a couple of years after launch. So, you would think that with a decline in new sales of the world’s best roadster, the Zoom Zoom club membership would also be plateauing or may be declining. 

This is not the case, with the Zoom Zoom club reaching more than 950 members for the first time. Contributing to this growth in membership is the number of people buying early NA models and registering them on Club Permit Registration in Victoria. The Victorian Club Permit scheme enables club members to drive their vehicles for a limited number of days at a significantly reduced registration cost. The link between the growing club membership and this scheme can be highlighted by the fact that of the twelve new members who joined in the last month, 50% own an MX-5 that is eligible to be registered on the Club Permit Scheme.

This scheme is a real boon for members who just want to drive their cars as a weekend roadster. I do not see a decline.

Zoom Zoom