One of the home chores I would have to do as a teenager was to mow the lawn. We had an old petrol lawnmower with a ripcord that would rarely start the first time, and you were forever cleaning the spark plug because it was fowled up.

I was always frustrated by our temperamental lawnmower and envious of our neighbour who had an electric mower. The good thing about an electric mower is that they always start, provided they are plugged in. The bad thing is that they required a long power lead, and you always risk running over the lead and chopping it in half.

With advancements in battery technology, cordless lawnmowers have improved to the point where a battery mower is as good a choice as a gas engine machine for many homeowners. Therefore, using a cordless mower makes more sense than most homeowners' traditional gas engine mower.

Several features have enabled the increased capability of battery-powered mowers. First is the lithium-ion battery, which has grown in size and sophistication to better manage the heat and electrical strain, resulting in increased durability and run time. Next, the mower's brushless motor has fewer parts and is more reliable than motors equipped with brushes that slowly wear away.

Cordless lawnmowers have become another way battery-powered appliances have changed how we work around the home.