The first issue of newsletter Investing project

So as I announced recently, I'm working on a new
( - Fresh from the Press Yours Truly
) I thought a while about when I should start it. I knew I would need some prep time for the first Issue and setting up the whole

Luckily there is a relatively easy to use service which lets you build newsletters (MailerLite). I also paid a full year of Grammarly premium to do some "advance" checking of my newsletters.

Interestingly setting up the signup form and newsletter itself was easy, so I "only" had to craft content. With all the practices if got through the last several years, that was also an accomplishable task. I got the first Issue to be sent out tomorrow at 6 am, and the second, which will come out two weeks later, is also finished.

A third Issue is almost fully written. It just needs the data and a few more sentences. And three other ideas are already noted down and ready to be fleshed out. Enough content to publish at least 12 weeks long. Setting the time between Issues to two weeks seems to fit perfectly for me.

My continuity idea is two flesh out one post per week, so I will be a small backlog I could use when I'm on vacation, or something similar happens. Putting one thing down per week also mean I could react to current situations if I want to.

I wonder how long I will keep that project running. It would be fun to have something running for at least a year. With the six already planned Issues, I'm already a quarter there.

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