Zoom-Zoom Championship - Round 3

Round 3 of the Zoom-Zoom Championship is this Sunday at the Wodonga Motorsports Complex. This event is being run exclusively for Zoom-Zoom Club members as we will only have 25 competitors for the day. We are using the Wodonga complex because it keeps competitors' costs down. The only problem is that it is a four-hour drive, each way. Fortunately, this will be the first event where I tow my track car on a trailer, so the drive to Wodonga should be more comfortable.

The track is part of the Wodonga TAFE Driver Training Centre, with a short 1.6-kilometre lap. With such a short track, you can only get about six cars maximum on the track at any one time. Having been to the track before, it feels a little like a go-kart track with tight, challenging corners, making it hard to drive consistently fast laps.

Unlike some other tracks, driving around this track will be a little easier on the cars, particularly the brakes. As we only have a small number of competitors, we should get a lot of laps. The weather is looking fine, and not too hot. So it should be a good day.

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