Nowhere near normal

Today marks one year since Australia identified its first case of coronavirus. We have endured numerous lockdowns, travel restrictions, and a constant public health message, that has brought the community transmissions under control and now keeps the pandemic at bay.

We have got here by having a robust public health system, and leaders who were willing to make the hard and, sometimes, unpopular decisions.

As I watched the news report of the anniversary of the first case in Australia, I couldn't help but think that we have a long way to go. The vaccines may reduce the virus's prevalence and severity, but it will remain present, mutating into new strains.

People's behaviour has changed in terms of masks, hand washing and social distancing. These personal behavioural changes are persisting beyond lockdown, helping to stem the tide of further infections.

Vaccination roll out for the Australian population starts in February and should be completed by October this year, for 80% of the population. Australia's international border is likely to remain closed for a long time to come. And even if you could get in, you will still be required to do fourteen days of quarantine.

We have come a long way, but this coronavirus is here for the long haul, and we are nowhere near getting back to normal.

This post makes me think of how huge a hit Australia is suffering from its loss in tourism. Damn.
2021-01-24 22:48:10