Zoom-Zoom Championship - Round 4

I was expecting a lot of rain for round 4 of the Zoom-Zoom Championship today at Winton Raceway. Fortunately for me, we only got a few spots, and the day was cool and dry, the ideal weather for a track day.

I had some new tyres on my car, and they worked a treat. The grip was so much better with a proper racecar tyre than the road tyres I would typically use. As a result, I had more confidence in pushing hard through the corners. Pushing hard in the corners meant I also had some oversteer on several corners and wheel spin coming out of slower corners. For the next stage of my track car upgrade, I will upgrade the suspension and put in a limited-slip differential. Along with the new tyres, I should have a better handling and faster track car.

It was a fantastic track day, and as a result, I finished the day with a personal best lap time, albeit only eight-hundredths of a second faster than my previous best. Today I achieved another personal best lap time, and though no one else might have noticed, I was very pleased with my effort and the result. 

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