Personal email addresses, like phone numbers, are a pain in the arse if you need to change them. Using the email address given to you by your internet service provider as a personal email address can be problematic. These email addresses use the domain associated with your internet service provider, so you will likely lose this email address if you change internet service providers.

Changing an email address is not easy. First, you have to contact all of your contacts to tell them to change their contact list to your new email address. And all your online accounts associated with that email address will need to be changed—what a hassle.

Getting a Gmail email address can be one option for a personal email. You can select a unique email address and keep it as long as you want. If you change internet service providers, there is no need to change your email.

I have chosen to have my own domain for my emails and host it with an online provider. This also allows me to have different alias emails that I can direct to my primary email account. I can also get an email address that doesn't end in