Last week I came across a pleasant animated short film on YouTube about a man with road rage, who confronts an elderly driver out on Australia's longest, straightest, treeless stretch of desert road, the "Nullarbor". 

The man gets progressively more angry and outraged as the old-man ignores his adversary and continues to drive at his own pace. It was an entertaining short film of about 10 minutes.

This short film was published on a YouTube channel, called Omeleto. After watching one short film, I was hooked and continued to watch more of these beautifully crafted and emotionally engaging short films.

Omeleto only showcases short films that would qualify for the Oscars, BAFTA, or similar top-tier film festivals. They use the reach of YouTube to connect with viewers and social media's power to target the audience for each film. It appears I am an easy target.

I wouldn't call myself a film buff, and sometimes I don't have the patience to sit through a long movie. After all, I have never seen a Star Wars movie, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy is far too long. However, I could get to like these short films, as I could easily fit a short film or two in over lunch, or have a short film nightcap just before bed.

It appears that Omeleto is the future of the short film festival and a place to watch the world's best short films. 
Ha.. I found the video you mentioned Peter. Before I found it, I watched another about a homeless teen who meets a blind and deaf guy. Both were good. I like the race near the end of the road rage as well as the contents of the cigarette box.
2021-01-30 13:34:24
I shall peruse this YouTube channel despite your loss of credibility after the Star Wars confession. 
2021-01-30 23:35:03