Egg-timer Attention

The 3-minute timer has started. It's an egg-timer really. If the water was boiling and I dropped in an egg, what might I get?

Does it matter if the egg is at room temperature or near-freezing temperature directly from the fridge? 
What will happen? 
Does the water have to be at a rolling boil? What if it's just starting to show bubbles from the bottom of the pot? What are the variables at play?

What different kinds of eggs might be considered? 
What if you have a quail egg that's small vs. an emu egg which is much bigger? 

Of course, an ostrich egg is one of the biggest, but would you even have access to one? 

Imagine being starving for several days and then you happen across an ostrich egg, as you get your fire ready and prepare the pan and get ready to crack the egg to eat, you realize, "Shit! It's rotten" 

Oh.. what a bummer that would be. Your hopes are dashed by yet another dose of reality. The idea that you are able to hang on to something for just three minutes says a lot about you. On the one hand, you don't want to be the kind of person who can't focus for three whole minutes and yet, you'll keep with it.

( this post was written in 3 minutes - light editing after the timer )
Miles of progress are made inches at a time. 

Ostrich Eggs city.

I do think that too many people try to dive into the deep-work-flow hustle culture too quick. As in when they start sippin that kool aid they start out aspiring to get like 8 hours of flow a day consistently and that's just not going to happen for the vast majority.

I think that something super small -- yes even three minutes on an egg timer -- is a great place to start. If you look at people's behaviors you'll see that even three minutes is a feat requiring some dedication. 
2021-01-31 18:21:48
3 minute rookie-class.

there's enough masterclasses. there needs to be more rookieclasses. People trying to run a marathon before they can walk up a set of stairs.
2021-01-31 18:23:38