The Hospital, Part 2

A normal hemoglobin range is 13.5-18 g/dL. Upon arriving at the hospital mine was 10.3. It quickly fell to 8.1. Then 7.3. Then 6.2.

The number at which a blood transfusion is administered is 7.0. I got my first bag of blood Thursday night, just a little under 24 hours after arriving. The bleeding had not stopped. My next reading was 6.3. Another bag was administered Friday morning. And the cause of the bleeding was addressed.

Friday night I was still below 7.0. Another blood transfusion was ordered. I resisted. The cause of the bleeding was described to me as a 0.2% chance of occurring. I wasn't feeling particularly lucky. Blood transfusions struck me as inherently risky. My nurse phoned the PA who ordered the transfusion and I talked to her about it. I asked, "Will I have to be above 7.0 to be discharged?" "Yes." "Ok, let's Lance Armstrong this shit," I replied. My wife and children were in the room and all their eyes got big. I'd lost my filter.

It's amazing how quickly the body starts recovering once you've stopped some internal bleeding. By late Friday I was feeling much better. I'd taken a shower. It took so long for the water to get warm that I just assumed it never would and washed my hair with cold water. I brushed my teeth for the first time in 48 hours. I put on clean clothes. Small miracles.

I got home at about noon Saturday. I did laundry. I did the dishes. I figured out something for Mother's Day. I caught up on email. I took a warm shower.
I love how catching up on email beats the warm shower in priority.
2022-05-09 13:33:25
Well, I'd had that cold shower at the hospital... :)
2022-05-10 02:59:06