We do things with people like us.

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If more than a single person recommended a favicon, there's a reason. If more than one of us thinks it's important to do things in a certain way, another reason. Our values shape us. These shapes are the ultimate puzzle the product manager needs to solve.
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When creating something for the "public" it's not a bad idea to scratch your own itch. One could boil the concept of sustainable business down to: Pick a shared itch and provide a good scratch. 

People who gather are attracted — by definition. But what causes attraction?

There's enough similar biological material in all of us that the question quickly becomes chemistry and physics. Doesn't everything these days? Without dusting off my physics and psychology books, which would have me making intelligent connections I don't feel compelled to make, I'll bow out and just conclude that we're all here because it provides something we need.

We show up to meet a need. Can it be that simple? 

As we get our needs met, our brains start to feel satisfied and that's the worst thing for a brain. Brains aren't happy feeling satisfied. They need novelty and change and learning — being active. The neurons need something to be firing about or else they shrivel and nobody, not even a neuron likes to shrivel. 

All that is an attempt to explain to myself why I now have a favicon -- born not of desire, but neuronal necessity.
This one was not as strong because I think the scope of arguments trying to be made require more posts. I think you begin with one idea and then go to another without closing it either first circle.

Let me know if you want more or less of these writing critiques lol
2021-02-05 15:35:29