I came across a very interesting tik tok video last week. 
A neuroscientist was talking about the dramatic impact of being optimistic and training the mind to find positive things on a regular basis. I didn't quite understand the biology of it very well but I have read a lot of books that state something similar.

The most interesting part for me was when the scientist mentioned that we can train our brain to be optimistic by regularly looking for the positive in any situation. He praised the practice of finding 3 things to be grateful for on a daily basis. 

I wanted to do that exercise but I didn't want it to be private. So every other day or so when I call my mom back home, I started to ask her to tell me 3 positive things that happened that day and I would do the same. It was easier for me than my mom but it is getting easier for us both as we continue to do it. 

I have noticed that a lot of people from my culture dwell on negative things more so maybe I am genetically more disposed to be negative but now that I know the benefits of optimism, I am going to work on it.