Writing Well

I am reading a book titled - 'On Writing Well' by William Zinsser.
I don't remember who recommended it to me but I have had it on my to-read list for a while. 

It is a short 2 hour audible read. I usually make audible go at 1.5* the normal speed. I find that most authors read too slowly for me and I get bored. But as soon as I started this book, I went into the settings and put it back to the normal rate. The book wasn't full of fluff and each statement was deep. I know I will be listening to it again. 

The book is focused on writing non-fiction but I think it makes sense for any type of writing. The main focus that William gives is to keep things simple, short and human. He gives a few examples of before and after where he drives his point for his recommendation. I think that is a great way to teach writing. He recommends going back to any writing the listener has already done and to rewrite it with the recommendation he gave.

I intend to do that exercise with the posts that I want to improve and reuse. There is nothing better than action to learn a skill.