Life stories

"There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility.
Inside of the dullest exteriors, there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy."  
Mark Twain

Everyone has a life story to share and wisdom to pass on. Unfortunately, we don't spend near enough time listening to or capturing those stories. We can get too caught up in the daily routine of life and forget to ask the big questions we have always wanted to know about the people closest to us.

My wife recently captured her own father's story. Not only was she interested in capturing the specific details of his life, but she was also keen to capture what he thought and how he felt about those life experiences.

Capturing a life story can remind us of our shared humanity and the connections between people. By valuing listening, we can weave into our fabric an understanding that everyone's life story matters. 

I have regrets that I didn't capture enough of my parents' life story, who both grew up during the depression and live through the turmoil of World War Two. They would not have considered that their lives were remarkable in any way, but they did pave the way for their children and grandchildren to follow. For that, I am grateful, but also sorry that it is now too late.
I feel ya. I need to begin capturing the stories of my elders too as well. I keep saying that I will but never get around to it. Thanks for sharing this. It acts as another reminder and I need them to increase my chances of taking action.
2021-02-06 17:31:45