So much for Coinbase

Coinbase has decided to employ the ultimate dick move to newly-hired employees by rescinding job offers

When a job offer is extended and accepted, there should be rare circumstances when either party backs out. Candidates like to keep options open to make sure they get the best offer, and companies are trying to hire the best people. I say as a candidate, you should not accept an offer unless you truly intend to take the position. Backing out after accepting a position is bad form. It is doubly worse for a company.

First of all, the company should have had controls in place before the positions were even posted. Then you go through the hiring process, analyze your internal needs and the market, and extend job offers to potential candidates who accept them. This means those candidates already gave notice to the company they are leaving. After all this, NOW you pull back the offer?

Crypto is the king of volatility, and no one should know better than the people running Coinbase. This move signals the beginning of the end of Coinbase for me, and I can't wait to get all my crypto moved off the exchange to a hardware wallet. 
I think I read somewhere that FTX is already surpassing them in Marketcap on some currencies. I think they rested too long on and underestimated the competition of the others.
2022-06-06 10:10:52