tired eyes half awake or just alive on caffeine
I summon something of whats left to stare at the screen
incremental progress on something important 

Behind me the door or the big window is open to world
And cool breeze flows in and out 
The room has the calmness of friends sleeping after a big meal

There aren't really sounds beside the faraway cars and different birds
But these don't seem that important
Like background to something else

There was something washing, but the gentle hum and turn have stopped
replaced by something else

Her eyes moved past words on a page but also started to feel heavy.
The characters were their and their directions were moving through her mind
maybe similar to others but how should we know. 

It was hard to know what she was thinking some sounds of the street would make her stop and look outside.
Though gentle patter of rain made it easy to turn back. 

Neighbors talked and move plates maybe walked from one room to the next, but the commotion of usual has slowed. 
On a day like today if the sun was out there would be laundry up, and maybe a garden chair or a hammock, but now the rain sent everyone indoors to listen

Not everyday can be sunny