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Shape Up

The shape up pdf from the guys who made basecamp is so great. I think for me I never really understood how to move ideas into actual things. Like I understood that tasks needed to be done, but never how to link those tasks. Like a person who knew where...
2021-02-11 12:54:25

My Watch

There, that was the last box. Un packed and sorted. It’s contents on the floor. Arranged by areas of the house they eventually need to go. It was the random box. It was late though, and I was tired. I got up from the floor, my hips stiff and back...
2021-02-06 11:52:04

Playing Chess

I have been playing a lot of chess. Kind of too much. But its a nice break, and also a way to play around. Try new openings to see how people play. The Queens Gambit for sure inspired this, but also this lockdown has really pushed me. Seems like you...
2021-01-28 17:38:24

Could I make that a large

This is an older scene. But have been looking at it recently to expand. 

“Could I make that a large?” The voice crackled into my headset, and I looked up at the others.We exchanged smiles and jokes about the speaker.Mocking and surmising about their life.We were making cheeseburgers, nuggets and fries. That day...
2021-01-21 22:51:14

Craft Bacteria

The NEIPA, an oaty and hazy version of the IPA, was birthed from the craft beer movement in the US. Brewers in the beginning, were all about keeping the beer clear and filtered.  Until one brewery, 'The Alchemist' and it's two brewers John Kimmich and Greg Noonan, began trying that...
2021-01-20 22:12:52

Vitamin D as an act of resistance

Joy as an act of Resistance is a punk rock album with a strange title. I use it as a reminder to never surrender to the pressures of life. Idles screams into the microphone to fight back, don't let them whip you into submission. However, before this album I never...
2021-01-19 10:19:39

Fear of Knowledge

I was listening to a lecture from Edgar Wind, where he says 'ideas in art can quicken, as well as, clog, the imagination'.  In it, he specifically mentions didatic poetry, or poetry where you learn something, a moral or knowledge. The poem in some ways has a purpose. He talks...
2021-01-18 12:35:21


Just read The Overstory. While I am still unsure if I should italicize or bold book titles, after reading this there are much bigger worries than that.  I won't give anything away, but the book has a few lines that reverberated with me. One of these might seem obvious, but...