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running and writing

When I was younger I used to run a lot, over 50 miles a week at the peak. That meant on easy days 6miles and on long ones sometimes 14. Something during that was addicting there were days when it was so cold I couldn't run over a mile, and...
2022-05-24 18:10:25


Now again I am here to tell you I am on another train . Feels a little like the Bernie sanders meme, but trains feel a lot different than cars. Feels a lot different I think because you have the space to think. I guess not all the time you...
2022-05-21 14:17:59

Nice to be Here

It’s nice seeing what other people make. 

Or rather reading it here. I was trying to think of what sort of physical place adagia would be. I am not sure. Kind of like a writing club but one you could visit all the time, maybe a studio space? Where you...
2022-05-19 20:24:57


On the train again. Just can wait to be on the train again, life I love is moving quickly on the tracks. Just can't wait to be on the train again. Today was a strange day, that I spend on weird modes of transport. First a bike, thats not that...
2022-05-17 22:15:03

Kendrick and Bahamas

I am up late today, which means I get to write and maybe be the first, but I was also the last, of the night before. At least where I live, and in Adagia world. 

Recently I have been on the Kendrick train. Listening to the new album. Less of...
2022-05-16 00:06:27

Lavender (Poem Sunday)

How many steps would it take me to make a path through an empty field
it reminds me of those big candies with each lick
you reveal a layer
Or like a candle who shrinks as the fire burns through the night
Right now it looks the same as when I started.
The grass hasn't...
2022-05-15 14:58:21


Runners high. Although lately I mix in some walks here and there. Maybe when I was younger I would just run, I also could just run now, but I enjoy the walking part of the run. I feel like it allows me to stop and look at my thoughts that...
2022-05-09 17:06:20

Stonehenge (poem Sunday)

Apparently people from looking at light in space can see when the universe started
She told me that wrinkles can tell a story of who you were.
I wasn’t sure but I do notice mine in the mirror more. And grey hair and changes I didn’t ask for. 
Maybe it’s my subscriptions...
2022-05-08 19:40:43

Finish A Thing

There’s been a change lately in the weather here and it’s nice. Very sunny, and smells like spring. My writing here has slowed due to thesis, but also still writing a lot. Almost to 100 day streak! So must keep it up. I am trying to finish one chapter at...
2022-05-08 19:22:35

Pizza place

There is a space between people. No matter how tightly someone’s hand is held or big the hug. There is still space between.

 Sometimes I thought that in space because there’s no air you could get closer. But still there are suits. Maybe you could hug for a short time, but...
2022-05-03 19:20:44