You see they installed toilets in the self-check-out lanes at the grocery store. They figured if you are going to pay out the ass, there might as well be a proper place to do it. Also, the full-service check-out lanes have been enhanced to offer the same level of sterility and functionality of an operating room to facilitate the removal of an arm or leg if needed.

Everyone is up in arms about gas prices and rightly so. At least you can see the highway robbery from half a mile away and act accordingly. It's obvious that some purveyors of gasoline are taking advantage of the current economic situation and gouging consumers.  That strategy may allow for short-term profits, but long term I predict those individuals will eventually go out of business. Sooner or later the consumer gets wise to your shenanigans.

Inflation is out of control, and do we really care what the reason is?? I don't want any more explanations for why there is inflation; I want solutions to the problem. I'm playing my own part by reducing consumption. After all, if there is anything I learned in economics class it's the supply/demand curve.  

Maybe crypto is the answer if I can just get one of those Gary V NFTs for a steal.