I flew (poem)

I flew
past fields and oak trees and stinging nettle
There was a badger or something too hard to see
the sun was setting and I could have sworn it was you

Or another version, another one acting out their plan
on a certain path 
going somewhere

Although it did remind me of grassy summer nights
And the smell of roses we always stopped and smelled
although some lost it and we didn't know why

This time though I stopped to walk at the bottom of the hill
and when I looked up the sun was right between two trees
setting slowly retiring for the day 
and the moon watched it without a word 

Its seen it a million times

But I'm convinced the man never looks away 
Because he knows its precious
like delicate steps, and babies breath
and cups of coffee made sweetly in the morning

I just think there should be place for all these things 
so you can have somewhere to go to

and figure it all out