In chemistry for important and human reasons a lot of wait times for experiments are over night. We do this in biology too, you can even incubate some things over the weekend. Results usually work, and in many cases this doesn't matter.

But recently there have been some studies that sort of question these human centered presets (HCPs). Specifically one study found out that all the mouse facilities, in the US and UK (but realistically probably the world). Are too cold for the mice. Not for the humans though they are just right and comfy. But mice live underground and its usually a lot hotter. 

This is kind of weird, because that means for all studies we are working with cold mice. This again may not mean anything. But it doesn't feel then like we actually studying the mice, or saying we study the mice in optimal conditions, like maybe we could be missing something. 

I don't want to really talk about the idea that because humans are doing experiments there is always human bias and thats already in most experiments already, because humans are the only animals really doing this at this scale. 

What I am really thinking is that we should be aware of these human centered presets and use them to find something cool. 

Like why do most chemical reactions require heating. Its true it makes things bump into each other more, and this makes the reaction faster. But why is faster better? What if lower temperature makes a more pure substance, or its all left handed.