Another day

I was in the kitchen, eating a sandwich. My flatmate walks in, pulls a chair and sits next to me at the table. He grabs a toast and spreads some butter on it.

- Hey Alva, you good ?
- Yes, man. ah yea well I didn't went to work today, was so fucking tired and woke up late.
- I saw you woke up when I came back from work at 4PM
- Yea man, but that was my afternoon nap, no I woke up at 11, but went back to bed after lunch.
- Oh I see, what are you listening to ? (music was blasting from his room and forgot to mention, Alva's eyes were red he was high as fuck)
- Pachanim man
- Oh nice, Airwaves yea I know this song
- Best song ever man
- So, you know Alva, my ex called me yesterday when I was at work, she said I either go back to live with her or she doesn't talk to me ever again. I told her; now I'm in Berlin and don't plan to move anywhere this year. It's out of question I said. She went mental again and started crying and cussing and all that shit. She said she's got someone now but she thinks about me when she fucks him.
- You gotta block her man, I told ya
- No Alva, I'm not like that, I don't block people.
- Did she block you?
- No
- Ha ha ha She's crazy man
- Yea, no question about that.
- Fuck her, how are you ?
- Lots of work, got stuff to deliver this week and I fucking skipped on my yoga.
- Oh shit man, btw I forgot to tell you
- What
- I have COVID.
(He gets up and walks back to his room.)
- Sorry bro, you should do a test.
- Oh thanks Alva