How to Build a successful Shopify App

How to Build a successful Shopify App

Step 1: Start out as a Freelancer

Go on Fiverr or Upwork. Build a rich portfolio as a Shopify Developer. Have lots of clients who are happy to work with you and refer you.

Step 2: Build your clientele to over 50

You need this number. You need an army of Shopify Merchants who trust your work.

Step 3: Build a Shopify App

Build something that your growing list of clients will find useful. Then seed them in as early users or beta testers. Start out with a Freemium pricing strategy

Step 4: Make Money.

Get in the reviews from your beta testers. Then watch as the Shopify App Store magnify your app for others to see.

The above steps are vital because the Shopify App Store works like this "Reviews + velocity of install + decent retention rate = higher ranking"

Without those initial users you got from your freelancing days, get set to waste money on Ad Spend.
As simple as this apparently:
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oh, the TikTok is currently not available
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