Subtraction subtraction

On the way to work I had a thought about people, specifically this paper. Where researchers found that when trying to problem solve people tend to use addition rather than
. Addition in the sense of adding variables to find a solution rather than subtracting. The authors give an example with house decor. Say you don't like the flow of the room, many people will by more things to improve it. Overlooking the potential benefit of subtraction. Maybe minimilism is the other side of this, where people  subtract everything. 

I love things like this, because it shows how people aren't always being logical and sometimes, (or maybe a lot of times) do things because we are people, and are minds evolved to solve different problems than what we currently live in. 

These things though, are very far removed from academic or research problem solving. Further, there are also probably a lot more of these. Maybe they are similar to heuristics, or this is just another type of heuristic. But its weird that we don't build systems around being aware of these things. I think in programming sometimes they take into account human error, or that people will enter in passwords wrong, or with the wrong characters, but  I don't remember what its called. 

What are some other heuristics people often fall into using?

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