I was Clubbin a few moments ago

But then i just felt like i wanted to go, didn't like the dj, his music was kinda shit and i just wanted to go. I don't feel like drinking either, and i had two beers, went to the toilet 3 times took a piss while some bitches were snorting whatever shit in the toilet next to me. Maybe I'm too old for this shit. My friends are on drugs too. I don't disprove drugs I'm just sober and can't relate.

Why do people take drugs anyway? To spice things up ? To have a better mood? To feel more present, less anxious? It makes me laugh when i think of the old me, how i used to be. I'm no longer anxious, dunno exactly what changed and at what point. Maybe i ran out of fucks to give. Talking about fucks, there's this french chick, Charlie who's a super cutie, artists kinda weird and i like her. I had a brief chat with her the other day and invited her to see a documentary in the planetarium. Narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Super cool stuff, and was thinking eventually to go for a drink after, maybe in a nice wine bar or somewhere chill where we could talk bla bla bla.  She said, well a friend of mine is DJing Sunday afternoon at Bridgit and beer so I'll be there with my friends. Hmm i said fine, maybe I'll drop by.
So i dropped by, invited another clubbing buddy too, but she was stuck in a museum doing what ever. So i was there with Charlie and her friends, a bunch of Frenchies all drugged up. Couldn't vibe with them so i said fuck it..so now I'm just in my favorite spot watching the swans.