I'm a TV viewer, let me out of here.

Now that the summer sport is disappearing from our TVs, and the TV rating period is about to start, new episodes of the country's favourite reality shows are rolling out.  I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Married at First Sight, Dancing with the Stars, Masterchef, and many more are back for another season.

I am not a fan of reality TV because the reality is always contrived, and the producers always create unnecessary conflict between the participants. Reality TV is supposed to document unscripted real-life moments, but it is hardly real and is cringe-worthy to watch.

These shows promote themselves as a "social experiment", placing groups of people into abnormal situations, where we all feast on the conflict and contempt the contestants have for each other. Can't we have a reality cooking show where contestants aren't hurling abuse at each other across the dinner table?

However, there are a few reality TV gems. RPA is a reality TV show filmed at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and shows the everyday workings of a major hospital. This show is about as real as it gets, and it can be a tear-jerker from time to time. It is so real, and I need to look away a lot of the time, as I don't like watching people get cut up in surgery. 

With so much terrible reality TV, I am happy to let it pass me by, and I will seek some better viewing options online.