I'm in the South of France, in Marseille, for a week. It's insanely hot, températures up to 35 degrees Celsius. Yesterday i was all day at the beach, i ran for 7km to get there. When i arrived i jumped directly in the water. I've gotten better at swimming. I love being in the water and freedive. Sometimes when I'm out there in the sea i wonder 🤔... If something happens on my way up or down and i Black out, I'm pretty much dead.

I do like to believe my biology has all the mechanisms to not make me black out under water... Or at the surface. I dive at 10 meters, that's not alot but there's still intense pressure on my ears. Before i dive, i hyperventilate for 5 minutes, then i take a deep breath in and exhale half of it, then i dive. As i descend to the sea floor i hear little clicks in my ear : poc, poc, poc. I reach the bottom, i find a rock to grab on ans stabilise myself there. For a few seconds. I stand and look around. Nobody, just a large mass of water, above and around me. The sun penetrates trough the water rays shattering in thousands of pieces, all across the surface of the water.

It's nice here, i think I have found my place to be alone. I look one more time around me and i take a jump towards the surface. Going up i hear my ears popping again. I didn't push it to the extreme. I was within safe parameters. I exhale and inhale when i reach the surface, everything seems anew, fresh.

It's so hot, I'm in a cafe and i am sweating rivers. Oh summer, and unfortunately i burned myself yesterday so i can't be in the sun. No beach for me today. I did wake up relatively early and managed to go to a yoga studio and do my Mysore practice. I sweated a little lake on the mat. Oups, and in marichasana i farted, exactly the moment when the teacher was coming to give me an adjustment. Oh well, equanimity is a quality to cultivate in Yoga.