Who cares??

I see reports that President Joe Biden has tested positive for Everyone's Favorite Virus™️. One report even stated that this was a "shocking development." What's so shocking about it? The media keep beating us over the head saying the infection rate and hospitalizations are on the rise due to *insert new variant name here.* Actually, we know the variant du jour: Centaurus, the new COVID Omicron subvariant BA.2.75. 

The President travels a lot and is around all kinds of people all day, every day. What's so shocking about the fact that he tested positive? At least the government assured us that he's been fully vaccinated and double-boosted, which we know doesn't stop you from being infected with the virus or spreading it to other people.

Come on, people. The common cold is also a coronavirus. How come it doesn't get all these fancy names? What if the President were diagnosed with a cold. Would there be big headlines stating that he has a cold?

Stop with the headlines that so-and-so tested positive for COVID. We don't care unless that person is in the same room/car/train/plane. It's not a death sentence (for the vast majority of people) like testing positive for HIV used to be. By the way, if I'm ever in that unfortunate category, I'll have what Magic Johnson's having, including the multiple orgies that were likely the source.