Self doubt

It is not surprising in these difficult times for us to experience some periods of self-doubt. Uncertainty and fear about the present and the future can impact our confidence and ability to get the essential things done.

My work has exposed me to varying levels of self-doubt in recent months. Difficulties in finding my place within the team and the slow pace of change have me questioning the value I bring to my work. It often reveals itself with self-deprecation of my abilities and performance in the workplace, or through a lack of self-motivation to want to be better and more successful at my job. Though self-doubt doesn't necessarily announce that it has arrived, the reflection of others and my self-awareness assist me in recognising when it has.

It is times like these that my mindfulness habit helps. Firstly, it encourages me to be self-aware and recognise when I am feeling self-doubt. Awareness and acceptance of that self-doubt allow me to acknowledge that it is just a thought and a passing thought at that. I can then frame a mindset that helps me understand that any fear of failure or catastrophising has no truth. At this time, the "Blue Sky" analogy comes to mind, reminding me that the dark clouds will pass and I will see the blue sky again soon.

Self-doubt will always be a reoccurring thought, but I am confident that my mindfulness habits help me identify and deal with it when it occurs.
Is this one of the first times in your career that you've had difficulty finding your place on the team?
2021-02-16 15:22:28