Why I listen to music in foreign language

I love listening to music in foreign languages. But I didn't know why.

So I thought to Google.

The immediate reasons on Google were;
  • Trigger Interest in Learning a New Language.
  • Develop an Appreciation for Other Cultures.
  • Discover More About Your Heritage.
  • Place Emphasis on Melody Over Lyrics.
None of the above was true for me.

But I still found my answer on Google.

Perhaps we listen to foreign music not to better understand other cultures, but for better access to emotions and ideas that have atrophied under the ever-expanding umbrella of Anglophone cultural life. There are myriad emotions our acute sense of collective irony has muted, and earnestness may be chief among them.
- Source

That resonates with me a lot. I listen to foreign music to access certain emotions the English language doesn't have the bandwidth for.

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