Costco coupon

"Do you need to stock up on toilet paper? It's on coupon right now."

"Sure might as well."

"You can just take it out of the cost for those racks I asked about."

"I can't find the one you sent for $34.99. When I search for that exact one on Amazon, I see it for $45.99."

"Here, this is what I searched for."

"I found that exact one, but it's not $34.99."

"Well, why does it say $34.99?"

"I don't know click on it."

"What!? You saw it, it said $34.99, and now it's showing $45.99."

"Actually, now that I look at it, every color is $45.99 except gray is $34.99. So, if you want $34.99, it's gotta be gray."

"Nope. Gray won't match. Has to be white. Boy, they are just jacking up the prices of everything. Even Costco is doing it. For things on coupon, they raise the price, and then the coupon just takes it down to the original price."

"I suspected other stores did that but not Costco. So why did you ask if I wanted TP because it's on coupon if the coupon doesn't make a difference??"

"Well, I figured you needed some, and it's cheaper at Costco anyway."

"So, you want the white rack for $45.99?"

"Not right now. Can you put it in your cart and then see if you get a deal?"

"Yah, I can do that. I mean, it's only $10 difference if this is the perfect item you want."

"Ehh, I can wait for a better deal."

"Okay, I'll roll the tab forward for the TP. I'll call it buttcoin."