The pastry chef

It is not easy having a pastry chef in the house when you are trying to stick to a healthy diet and lose a little weight, as the pastry chef regularly brings home beautiful pastries to eat.

It is challenging for me to say no when there is an array of sweet treats in front of me. I was out on a drive this morning with some friends, and I resisted the temptation of an apple cake or a vanilla slice when we stopped at a bakery for coffee. I stood firm, as I wasn't going to break my diet on a cake from a country bakery. No disrespect intended.

If I want to break my diet with a nice sweet treat, it needs to be something I can enjoy with a cup of tea and not feel guilty. When the pastry chef arrived home today, the household shared a Za'atar, tahini and honey pastry and a peanut and milk chocolate pastry. I didn't resist on this occasion, and I didn't feel guilty.

I will now need to work a little harder on my diet to make up for my transgression. But, when the pastry chef brings home some lovely pastries, I will never say no and damn the consequences.
Diet is not about "weight", it's not even about "health" -- it's about making the decisions that resonate with your values — and living in full integrity about what enters your mouth. Good for you Peter.
2021-02-20 14:11:52
Your story reminds me of what I call the Turkey Bacon Hypothesis. If I'm going to eat bacon, it's not going to be turkey bacon. It's going to be the good stuff (and it better be crispy). Your philosophy is also consistent with my thoughts about how to be wellthy.
2021-02-20 15:09:26