The Psychology of Money, Crypto and Me. 1

"How much this book?"

I asked in Pidgin English as I picked up a copy of Morgan Housel's The Psychology of Money. I had spotted this roadside bookseller from afar, but sighting this book made me turn.

"1,500", he replied.

"1,000 naira". I responded, dropping the book as I left his front and continued my journey. I sold books in my final year at the university so I knew the margins on bookselling. And also, I wasn't planning to get the book thus I was carefree.

In a negotiation, whoever cares less, wins. -  Naval Ravikant (link)

About five steps away from his front, he called me back. I gave him the 1,000 naira note and he gave me the book.

I've been wanting to read that book for such a long time. Getting an ebook version didn't move me any closer to realising that desire. So, spotting the book, I felt, perhaps owning the hard copy could finally make me get into the book.

I started out with the introduction on the bus home. The entire concept of the book interestingly summarised. And I must say, compelling.

Quickly I could relate Morgan's thesis with my short journey in crypto so far.

I liked this account. 

I wonder though. What is it with you and physical booss? I remember you back in the 200WAD trying to get James Clear's Atomic Habits in physical form even though it was hard to find in Nigeria. 
2021-02-21 15:18:34
I tend to complete physical books. I think it's because i spend a large part of the facing a screen or a device. 

Doing the same for reading makes reading tiring. 

Physical book is a good way to detach from the laptop or phone. 
2021-02-26 19:58:59