Maiden Voyage

The first trip that a brand new ship takes is called the Maiden Voyage.

Voyage because it’s headed somewhere, Maiden because it’s never headed there before. 

The Maiden Voyage represents 100s if not 1000s of hours of effort and care spent putting together a vehicle that might not work but offers the best chance of reaching new destinations. 
Never mind the prospect of reaching new places or the impressive feat that is the harmonious assembly of masts, propellers and bow thrusters though. There is a more important point to be made about maiden voyages that’s often dismissed: 

Before the first departure, before the concerted effort to build a ship, someone dropped a pin on the map marking a place worth going to and decided that there needed to be a way to get there. 

Charting a maiden voyage — choosing to build something that offers the best chance of getting you, your team, and the people you aim to serve to promising but uncharted territory — is exactly what happens before change, growth, and flourishing present themselves.