Dark-cupboard MCT / cFat Coffee

Coffee: Collected from tumblers of yesterday's brew.
Fats: Counter-top, grass-fed butter + dark-cupboard coconut oil
Mix: Thumb-activated, high-speed spinner

If you have yet to experience the composition known as Bulletproof Coffee™ you may be in for a treat.

My current knowledge thinks I can jumpstart my metabolism and push through until lunch while burning the pure octane which could be a keto-lovers dream.

By avoiding carbs first thing in the morning, I avoid having my insulin responders wake up before I get my writing, tweeting, and @daily__visual done — should I just get a job?

Today, my first cup of Joe was functionally recycled, reheated — reinvigorated. I took some liberty with my habitually pure approach. I simultaneously retired the end bits of the butter bell and made yet another small dent in the barrel that is the Costco coconut oil.

To kick up my design inspiration, I added cardamom - a Dutch classic. This spice makes the whole mixture taste sophisticated, elegant, and mature — and when a food tastes a way, it is a way.

When you see good design, you probably attribute it to a good designer. You know early on they chose a monochrome wardrobe to avoid early-morning decision fatigue and spent time in their head designing worlds that would allow them to escape the reality of parents arguing over who should be paying the bills. But what imagery alights your mind when you see crappy design? How might we know the artist's inspiration is just day-old, fat-laden, resuscitated caffeination?

This is an example of your good writing because of the way it flows and the way it is poetic -> makes me visualize things based on your showing rather than just you telling me how things are. 

The flow is good because the writing is punchy and has just the right amount of humor. 

Btw nice on the Cardamon. Gotta try that.
2021-02-23 17:30:14
Oh and what does v0.2 mean? how do you know when something is 0.1 or 0.2 or 1.0 or 2.0?
2021-02-23 17:30:35