Completed My First Book of The Year

This evening I completed the book The Psychology of Money. It's not the first book I picked up this year, in fact, it's not the third or fourth. I'd have argued Shoe Dog would be my first completed book this year.

Alas, the introduction to The Psychology of Money is so compelling. So, so compelling. Only the introduction to Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell can stand it.

Outliers, for me, demystified success. All my learnings from Outliers to following Naval Ravikant and similar folks were brought together into one beautiful piece by The Psychology of Money.

Similar themes. Similar philosophies. Similar empowering positive-sum mindset.

The goal is to read The Psychology of Money three times. It's more than just a book about money/investing. It's a career book for me.

Perhaps, after my second or third read, I'd be able to articulate all that I got from the book.

Great Book. Great Experience.
Is it better than Breakthrough Advertising??? Lol JK. Thanks for this espousal. Looking forward to your reflections after re-reads.
2021-02-23 20:59:07