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There was a ruckus on the
. In the year

Everybody was getting rich. All they had to do was pour money into
. They even had apps for it to make it easier.

Than it finally happened. People weren't getting rich anymore. The plan to just pour money into stocks and crypto wasn't panning out. Why were the prices dropping? What happened to the genius plan of simply putting money to work and getting rich without doing work? What the hell was happening with the world? Couldn't the people at 
The Fed
do something about this?

Some people killed themselves. Some people went back to work lowly jobs where they had to do actual work rather than invest into stocks and crypto. It was a tough, dark time.
Crypto’s been hunting you in your dreams lately? 
2022-09-09 19:46:27
i sold my dreams to buy more crypto. crypto will solve all world's problems.
2022-09-10 03:47:20