Right now will never happen again.

I learned today that a friend I lost touch with passed away a few years ago. 

She was a kind, brilliant, clever, and beautiful soul. 

For the last few years, it was simply a matter of having lost touch with someone I believed was out in the world. 

We’ll catch each other again

I’m sure she’s living her best life. 

In thoughts like these, there was hope. 

There’s time to catch each other again at some point in this life. 

The last time we met was over bubble tea in 2017. 

We naively parted ways with the words, “see you later.” 

Every intent to reconnect is now trumped by the fact that we can never catch each other again.

It’s okay to wish for the next time to happen, but it’s not guaranteed. 

When you get to share some fleeting moments with people you care about, aim to be fully present. Savor what they mean to your life, and be the kind of person that gives joy and meaning to theirs. 

As for the frivolous things that threaten to distract you or hold your attention hostage — many of them become meaningless against the backdrop that the last time you go to this place, do that thing, or spend time with that person could be happening right now. 

These moments do not come back, so don’t waste them.