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Apocalyptic 2021-01-03 04:52:54

Compared to most disaster movies this pandemic hasn't been too scary. The threat is invisible and all you're being asked to do is stay in, social distance, and wear a mask. There's no scarcity of resources or need to find shelter. As a disaster movie, it'd be pretty boring.

Still, I think there's something that resonates in those movies now. A single event that grabs everyone's attention. Some people choosing to ignore the rules. The inability to know when it'll be over and life will return to normal. It's not nearly as scary as a pending asteroid strike or a zombie virus outbreak. But those are just exaggerated portrayals of how humans react in disasters.

Things could be worse. But it's okay if it feels a bit apocalyptic at times. Just like how saying others have it worse isn't very helpful. Everyone's affected in their own way. And if life feels like the end of the world occasionally, that's okay too.

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I fear that the environmental collapse will go a similar route. Instead of a apocalyptic collapse it will be a slow and gradual boil.

I don't think this will be the case objectively but rather because of our subjective adaptability. Every year things move towards a certain direction, and we just keep getting used to it because we forget how we felt at one point in time. Instead we can only remember how we feel about the matter now. 

So no matter how objectively bad things get, the we who will face that situation will be subjectively blunted to it.
2021-01-03 18:42:39
I think that's already happening. Recently I was thinking about how the weather here has changed from when I was growing up but no one really talks about it. It's just seen as how things are. Temperatures that would've been extreme 10 years ago are so frequent we don't even notice anymore.

Maybe as changes become more noticeable (and probably more damaging) it'll be easier to recognise just how bad it is.
2021-01-04 06:23:15