Serverless? 2020-12-10 17:55:12

I'm suffering a revival of decision paralysis. My dilemma: to go serverless or continue running my own machines/

When it comes to making software for the web, the part I fear most is server management. It can seed in me deep anxiety, low in my gut even while on vacation trying to enjoy blueberry pierogi in Krakow.

The paralysis had been mostly resolved. My stance had been that serverless is definitely the future. As a developer I want to focus on the part of the software that provides value to users. Let's take this website for example, if I could I'd spend my time exclusively on the value providing part which for now is: helping people write consistently through a community of practice. Managing a server has nothing to do with helping people write or build fellowship, so any time spent on this is at worst useless and a necessary evil at best.

I'm writing about this today because my decision paralysis had been rearing more and more into finally deciding to go serverless. In fact, I had even begun visualizing the dropping all my servers and having everything running on AWS' serverless offering. And then my hero DHH of Basecamp tweeted this:

For a good while, I thought the migration to the cloud was inevitable and good. A foregone conclusion. I don't think that anymore, and I'm really proud of the Basecamp ops team for having the expertise to giving us a on-prem path that's this solid

Will write more about this as I continue on a path hopefully to clarity. I'm sure writing about it will help me.

Abraham Kim

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