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AI for learning 2021-01-10 00:12:27

I spent significant time this first ten days of Jan 2021 trying to learn more about decision making. I am currently reading a couple of books, reading online articles and watching videos. I am not certain that this is the best way to learn something. 

So far, I have encountered several recommendations regarding what consisted a good decision and how to go about making one. The avalanche of data is difficult to comb through and select. There are even some conflicting information out there. I find myself taking notes on a notebook when I find something profound. I also try to share some of the insight here so I can get some feedback. Those usually make me think critically about some of the material out there. 

I want to find a more optimized way of learning something. Trying to find many sources of data around the topic makes it more daunting than exciting to proceed. How do you find an expert source of something you want to learn about? I wish I could use AI or some data combing technology that can give scores to sources that are valid, reliable and credible so I am not wasting my time with things that are just created to sell me something in the end. I want an objective source to learn from. I don't see a problem with paying for such a time saving service. 

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