Just In Case and Just In Time 2021-02-14 19:36:06

Just In Case and Just In time.

I saw it somewhere as a way to categorise content consumption. I have since tried to follow it.

Just In Case - Piece of content you may or may not need in the future.
Just In Time - Piece of content that supports the current mission.

Any content I don't need, I don't consume it. If I think I'd need it in the future I'd bookmark it. At a point, I figured my bookmarks was becoming something else. So I tweaked my heuristic for how I bookmark content. If the piece of content is google-able, I wouldn't bookmark it. That way, my bookmarks section stopped growing.

I figured most content are google-able. The ungoogle-able peice of content are either mental models or career-specific insights.

JIC and JIT have helped a bit.

But somehow my twitter bookmark section is still growing.

Is that okay?

Maybe it is and it's only an issue because there's no way to organize Twitter Bookmarks?

Seun Oyebode

Lupin Tonight (A Rant)
I know what you mean about Twitter Bookmarks growing out of hand. I haven't actually used it regularly but the one time I went there to look for a thread that I'd saved I found it impossible to. 

I now try saving things into RoamResearch. You still use Obsedian?
2021-02-15 15:49:24
I've not been consistent with Obsidian actually
2021-02-18 22:45:34