What is a blanket? 2021-01-16 13:54:54

It's the thing that keeps us warm on cold nights. It's the thing we want wrapped over us even when the night's hot. Because it reminds us of warmth... not only literally but also figuratively. Of a life we once lived even for a short time. Nine months about.

But what is the physical mechanism of a blanket? How does it keep us warm? Have you ever slipped into bed late, after having been away from your bedroom or maybe even your house all day? The comforters feel especially cold to the touch. This feling gives me chills of joy. Joy not only from the sensual experience of the smooth cool but also the anticipation of ensuing warmth.

But where does this warmth come from? It comes from the human within. A blanket will simply match the ambient temperature without human intervention. Our bodies warm up blankets so that they can keep us warm. 

Abraham Kim

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