Career Choices 2021-02-12 17:27:10

Building a startup, as a career choice, fresh after college is cool now.

It wasn't always so. At least not in the early 2000s. Asking kids back then what they'd like to become, "founder" wasn't even a word then. The nearest thing was being a businessman and I'm not sure I can recall any kid mentioning that.

I for one said I was wanted to be a petrochemical engineer. Nigeria had just returned to democracy in 1999 and crude oil price per barrel was pretty good. So, you can imagine why I chose that.

These days, it's funny how people look at someone who wants to start a business. Maybe because the security of a monthly check isn't going to be available and they feel for the fellow.

It ought not to be.

Being a founder is a career just like any other profession. And we as a society have a responsibility to support such people. I think the west is already coming to terms with this.

But the story is not so over here.

Let me ask you, what would your response be if you asked your kid what he'd like to be in the future and he replied as Shawn Corey Carter said...

"I'm a business, man"

Seun Oyebode

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How would we as a society support such people? What are some concrete things for such support? Something like a UBI?

Also that Jay Z quote would've worked much better if you included the first part lol

I'm not a businessman... I'm a business, man.
2021-02-12 21:04:20