Good Advice. Wrong Person 2021-02-22 20:52:59

I'm an avid reader. Or at least that's what I'd like to believe. LOL.

But seriously, I think I used to be an avid reader. I've had several books I almost didn't drop until I completed them.

Then life happened, I graduated from university and got a job. Reading became a chore. So bad, I'm not sure I read a book 2017 though 2018.

I was not happy with that. It needed to change that.

I love reading.

Just about that time, I stumbled on Naval's content. Then I came across the way he relates with books, it goes somewhat like this

I don't read books to complete them. I have about hundreds books opened up in kindle every point in time. I just jump in and read. I don't have to start from the begining. I just follow my curiousity and I drop them when i'm bored

Well, I read that and it exacerbated my issue with books. The only book I've finished since 2018 is Atomic Habits. And I must have read 10s since then.

Naval's framework is good. I love it and I will still follow it somehow.

But right now, I miss that thrill of completing a book. And The Psychology of Money is about to be my first meat. I bought it on Saturday and I'm now in Chapter 14 of 20.


Seun Oyebode

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