Learnings from the professional world

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by Sheila. in 33 parts

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All the things I gather in grooming myself to grow in my career path (which I am still figuring out). Hopefully this project helps me gain much clarity on what I want to devote my life to fully.
The need for structure in everything I approach Having someone from the Head Quarters in country Usefulness of structure in growing professionally My core strengths What Next ... Commitment to Professional Growth Building Consistency and Accountability Gaining admission to do MSc at KNUST Board room meeting with Academics about YCI My professional growth is the most important thing to me at the moment Who do I want to eventually become in my professional world? Alison in Ghana The career path ... if you have something to say, keep writing and keep speaking. The Exit of a colleague Thinking about my growth and the future Beginning my day and distractions First Batch of Canadian Volunteers Becoming competent and confident in my professional pursuit The Executive Director's presence First Day Engagement with Executive Director A day of Graduation for SYSV participants My One-on-One With the Executive Director Where am I now? Finding a System Things are getting busy and I am wondering if I am capable I know I have fucked up but I will do better Work is getting intense I I'm tired One-on-one with my boss The busiest and crazy day Work Trip to BTU Back from Bolga Work Trip