Shook University Blues

A 🔐 Novella
by Abraham Kim in 28 parts

69.49% of 20,000 words
13,897 words

A story about a sad student at a boring university
I once lived with an older person during college Barely on the spectrum of trauma Feeling better in the evening. Picking a restaurant Being around, but not with, people Kaffeestunde Talking with GIRLNAME Mike Knew but how? Droll-Lands German Lovers What used to be cool to me Frozen within a scene Growing sick of Baker Ave. Chatting over a failed espresso Hands in pockets University Infrastructure Downstream Going to get Korean with Krampus Kimchi Chigae in our Bellies Pavlov's Dog -- Beer Wavelengths Good Sign Sound of Empty Ginger Dragon Being drunk at the wrong time Distance PIKE man A quick, pleasant surprise The first hit