Morning Routine Problems

employer cycling exercise routine Tiimo qigong own weight exercise coffeemachine
Only a few days until I start at the new employer . Time to figure out a new morning routine .

Yesterday I discovered " Tiimo ", an iOS and Android App designed to create a plan of your day based on minute-wise scheduling. I tried some things and was immediately...

Life Change

popcorn exercise Everyone's Favorite Virus™️ homeoffice puppy dog COVID Writing Adagia potato chips chocolate unhealthy overweight diet fitness gym habit health Zwift Strava streaks cycling Fitbit
Since I was around ten years old, my love for food was somehow amplified. I started to eat more, and with more came along "bad" food. I fell for popcorn , potato chips and chocolate . Although my braces set a limit on the chocolate input (since then, eating "normal"...

Flash Fiction Practice
Old man tries to keep up with young Alex

notebooking coffee apprentice morning routine exercise Bialetti mentor
His  apprentice excited him, but made him feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Each morning he'd go downstairs to see young Alex already eager to tackle the day. He wasn't sure what his apprentice's morning routine consisted of but he was sure that there was some intense  exercise there and some  notebooking...