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Abraham Kim
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The tests showed neither conclusive evidence for good or bad. Basically he wasn't going to die from it anytime soon. But the  doctor s weren't willing to say that he would not die from it. He could still die from it. The numbers were still high. But they weren't so...

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Abraham Kim
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"The car came from nowhere. I couldn't even hear an engine until it was driving off."

"Maybe it was an electric car? Those things are quiet."

"No. Once it was driving away I could hear the engine. I could hear it from real far away after I couldn't see it anymore."

"So a...

Stroke Unit Availability

paramedic doctor stroke hospital treatment
Yesterday I was doing a paramedic day shift again. Our first mission brought us to a doctor whose patient had typical signs of a stroke .

The nearest stroke unit is currently closed because of missing personnel due to many COVID19 positive nurses and doctors. So the doctor told us to...